DataLab Sports and CVPG open doors for aspiring motorsport talents!

DataLab Sports und CV Performance öffnen Türen für den Nachwuchs im Motorsport!

Identifying talents, opening doors, and paving pathways! So many young motorsport enthusiasts share this one dream… and now, it can become a reality.

Young motorsport athletes have a reason to celebrate, because in 2024 DataLab Sports GmbH is launching a unique young talent development program in collaboration with the CV Performance Group! The two main players, Leischnig and Voss, have chosen the ADAC GT4 Germany series for this initiative. Two young drivers will compete in a junior team under the DataLab Sports team in the sleek GT4. Preparations are in full swing, the mechanics are already polishing their tools, the team is eager and ready to race!

“Christian Voß and I have decided to launch a joint youth program,” says DataLab Sports founder and CEO Michael Leischnig. “We will nurture two young drivers in karting and guide them towards a future perspective in GT racing. We are laying the foundation for a long-term successful development program and believe in the young talents we support. With DataLab Sports, we have initiated a joint project to approach development professionally.”

In addition, the newly founded Dream Team also addresses the starting point of the whole thing, namely karting. This year, two drivers will also be competing under the name and design of DataLab Sports.

Team owner Christian Voß and DataLab founder and Managing Director Michael Leischnig have big plans for the future of the junior project. A second GT4 vehicle is planned for the long term. But the step into professional GT3 racing is also planned for the long term. Everything step by step.

“I am very excited about the collaboration with DataLab and our joint youth project, and I believe that with this program, we can achieve great things! Unfortunately, youth participation in motorsport is declining in Germany and neighboring countries. In response, we are launching our youth program, offering drivers the next logical step from karting into GT4 racing with further advancements in the future,” concludes Christian Voß full of anticipation.

The fortunate athletes who will compete for DataLab Racing will also be announced very soon.