ADAC GT4 Germany season opener

At the season opener of the ADAC GT4 Germany, the CV Performance Group competed in the ADAC GT4 Championship for the first time. After a driver change at short notice, Julian Hanses shared a Mercedes-AMG GT4 with Theo Oeverhaus. The sister car was driven by Ricardo Dort and Ferdinand Winter.

In qualifying on Saturday morning, Theo Oeverhaus qualified in fifth position. The youngster set the best time in sectors one and three – traffic in the second sector, however, prevented a possible pole position. In the starting phase, the tie rod broke on the Mercedes-AMG GT4 after contact with an opponent, so that Oeverhaus lost control of the vehicle and had to end the race after spinning. Ferdinand Winter drove to 18th position in qualifying, together with his partner Ricardo Dort he fought his way into the top 10 in the race. At the end of the race, the two karting newcomers finished in ninth position, which made both driver and team happy.

Julian Hanses qualified in seventh position on the grid on Sunday morning. At the start, last year’s Porsche Carrera Cup driver lost a few positions, but was then able to fight his way into the top five.

The car suffered a further setback when Hanses had to complete a penalty lap as he left the prescribed corridor at the start and thus lost a few positions. As the race progressed, the Mercedes-AMG GT4 driven by Hanses and Oeverhaus was again hit by an opponent, causing severe damage. In the end, the #85 car saw the chequered flag in 14th position and was thus still able to collect two points. Ricardo Dort qualified in 26th position in qualifying, and in the course of the race the junior car was able to constantly fight its way forward, but the forward momentum ended in the gravel bed a few minutes before the end of the race. A competitor hit the Mercedes-AMG GT4 and ended the run for the driver duo.

“I think we should tick off the weekend and concentrate on the tasks ahead. We have shown what kind of speed is in our package, this makes us optimistic for the upcoming race weekends”, says team boss Christian Voß.

The ADAC GT4 Germany continues in four weeks, when the popular GT4 championship makes a guest appearance at the picturesquely located Red Bull Ring in Steiermark, Austria.